I’m moving on…

Pretty serious title, huh?

Let’s be honest. I like to do my research prior to letting myself be interested in someone. You may call it “creeping”, but it’s merely… researching. I, a) make sure they’re single, b) my kind of guy and c) not a total douche. I’m more proud of my meticulous “researching” than ashamed. I’m damn good, too.

Well, not pro-status yet (hence “moving on”). I met Craig Gentry last year and we had a moment; a long one. Make that what you want… So, I did what I do best and you know, felt him out online. Nowhere on Google was there a mention of Craig being “wifed up”. I will say that a mutual acquaintance told me he was married but I stuck with my searchable instincts and kept dreaming.

I had a weird notion recently that I should do what I do best again… and sure freaking enough, he’s MARRIED now. He wasn’t married during our moment for sure, though. And, that’s not all. Her name is JORDAN. There is a Jordan Gentry out there and it isn’t me. Total #WTF moment.

It’s clearly time for me to move on. I haven’t decided who I’ll move on to, but I guess I’ll start by taking his picture off of my phone’s background. (Died.)

Alright, take any or all of this post sarcastically, if you please. 😉


Girl with too high of standards that is going to be single fo’ life

AKA Jordan NIX


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