12 Reasons Why Being a Single Mom Kicks Douchebag Ass

What does it mean to be a young single mom?

Thanks to terrible reality TV, there is a sickening stereotype associated with the ‘Single Mom’ title and even worse preconceptions from a good number of men in the dating scene.  Right off of the bat, they automatically think that you don’t have your life together, you are on the prowl for a baby daddy and/or sugar daddy, your life is filled with drama and you have too much baggage. Yep, I said baggage.

What people don’t know is that it kicks ass being an independent single mom, douchebag ass.

Here are just some reasons why:


1) Your child is your motivator.

Being able to provide for your family (no matter how small it may be) feels great. It makes you want to get out and conquer the world just for your child’s future.













2) You don’t “need” someone to make you happy or to love you.

You have all of that, plus an insane amount of pride.










3) You have a best friend.



4) You develop a killer support system.

We’ve always been told that family is #1 and it is so true. Your family is by your side through it all and supports you through everything. They become your best friends.













5) You aren’t trying to impress anyone but your kiddo.

And when they give you the “thumbs up,” (literally or not) your day, week, month, year is made.

smom_biggest fan












6) No date will ever compare to your date nights with your main lover.

But seriously- no getting ready, no annoying small talk and no high probability of awkward encounters.

smom_date night



7) Nights out become a little more mainstream…

Hang overs become a less frequent thing and your friendships are way more real.

smom_nights out_bfs


8) Let’s not kid ourselves. A “man” is still in the back of your mind, but you don’t settle (or waste time) on anything you know you don’t want or deserve.

*Bonus- It is much easier to weed out the douches when you’re upfront about being a proud momma. If they run… #SeeYa



9) You have priorities and they’re prioritized.

While people around your age, without kids, are worrying about impressing their current men-terest (grown up crush), what others are saying about them and who said what about you- you are just trying to successfully get your kid through school, or life in general, and you could care less what he thinks or what she said.



10) You still aren’t missing out on anything with having a kid. 

Yeah, GTL is more a thing of the past, but you can make it work… out.




11) You don’t need a cup of coffee to perk you up for the day.

Those little feet tiptoeing through your apartment and huge morning grin does it for you; the coffee is an added bonus.

Photo (1)


12) When you’re having a day of doubt, we all have Sandra: proof that being a single mom (willingly or not) is possible and can look damn good. Thanks, Sandra. 






Jordan- also known as: Jo-Momma 😉 



8 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why Being a Single Mom Kicks Douchebag Ass

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  2. Been there! It’s sooooo true what you have said! And may I add… You can revisit your own childhood favorite things… Camp in front of the TV, wear matching Smurf pajamas… Have Spa nights, have lazy mornings… All those little things… Are what are remembered! No adult… Demanding anything, expecting the house to be tidied, dogs feed, cooking a 3 course breakfast, getting the laundry done… And if you wearing funny cute pajamas and Pluto night slippers… Thinking you gone Nutz! …Just kids thinking you their hero! Loved it!

  3. Thank you for this. I’m recently single and found out a week ago I’m pregnant. I’ve been a crying wreck but this brought me a glimpse of hope

  4. So true. I couldn’t be happier as a single mom. The stereotypes are a little old fashioned. Johanna – I was there. Going through pregnancy “alone” is hard to say the least but what you’ll experience as a mom and as you raise your kid is nothing short of amazing.

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