Self Sufficient Pee Britches

Carson first grade

Why do you look so thrilled?

*Warning, Carson: Yes, this post is a little embarrassing and I’m sorry. You will agree, one of these days, that some of these things need to be documented for future reference. Whether that future reference is for black mailing or for reminiscing, I don’t know, but it will be worth it.

You’ve always been a self-sufficient little man, and first grade is really proving that. You have started requesting lists for you to check off each morning as you get ready. You eat breakfast while you listen to your Spotify playlist. You perfectly comb your hair while dancing in the mirror. You make sure your socks are pulled up evenly on your ankles and your shoe strings are tied to a T. And you sometimes even pack my work bag for me. However, your self sufficient-ness has yet again gone to the next level.

You came home from school in brand new khaki shorts! Why though? What happened to the khaki shorts you went to school in? “We were on the playground and I had to go to the bathroom, but it was really far so I just held it. We started playing kickball and I thought I could hold it, I promise, but the ball hit Adam (made up friend’s name) in the nuts and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

OMG, child. But thank you for saving me $15 on some Old Navy uniform shorts! Good lookin’ out, pee britches.



Your Mom




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