My Renewal Resolution

Well… I just renewed Dallasbelle’s domain for another year. It’s been a great year, but it’s no secret that I really need to blog more. And I have a TON to blog about, I promise. I probably have the longest Notes list in Macbook history filled my sarcastic rants and awkward encounters, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day all of a sudden. I will make a cyber-public “renewal resolution” to blog more! So, that’s that.

To go along with my (now) public renewal resolution, here is a little Q&A to start off “New Blog Year”:

Q: Will I ever turn this into a fashion blog?
A: Hell no. Not because I don’t love a good fashion blog (I do!), but because I’m just not that fashionable. Carson is… Maybe I’ll make a fashion blog for him. Jk, that isn’t going to happen either.

Q: So if it isn’t a fashion blog, is this a mom blog? 
A: No way. I am still trying to figure this mom gig out which, in some cases, is costing me a lot of money.

Q: Is this a resort for readers to get dating advice?
A: The last resort! I did, however, pick up the book Get The Guy recently. I’ll let you know what happens from there.

Q: Who are my readers?
A: Oddly enough… guys.

Q: What are my longterm plans for the blog?
A: I have BIG plans for the blog. Those are top-secret for now, but I can say that the goal isn’t to turn it into a fashion or mommy blog. I think we’ve already established that.

Q: What do I want your readers to get out of the blog?
A: Mainly a good laugh. Occasionally inspiration. And at times, something people can relate to.







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