Big news and you’re one of the first to know!

To cut to the chase, a big girl version of Dallasbelle is now live! Meet –>!

To dive deeper, is a graduated, more tenured version of Dallasbelle, and I’m really excited for you to check it out.

When I started blogging in 2011, I no doubt had a lot to say. I wanted to use this space to promote living the single life as a mom in Dallas. This blog has been an excellent outlet for me to share my personal experiences, a lot of shitty dates, and allow me to be a little witty and sassy. It was fun, and the posts to this day are still really entertaining and occasionally sweet, but I’ve nonetheless outgrown it.

Okay, yes, I am still single in Dallas, and I still have a lot to say, but I am ready to reach people beyond the confinements of the big city and in a new, less personal way. is essentially a lifestyle blog dedicated to empowering, motivating, and connecting the everyday Jo. It is a blog that mostly everyone can relate to (without airing my dirty laundry). Similar to Dallasbelle, will be a subscription based blog, so be sure to subscribe when you get there! But definitely be sure to subscribe.

Thank you for your support and following me to my next journey.

See ya there,


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