Jordan Nix

What in the hell is a Dallasbelle? She is the confusion in a relationship. She is the sweat in a career climb. She is the skinny jean in a perfect day-to-night outfit. She is the polite smile in the STFU. She is the lime in your vodka water. She is the sass in her own smart ass. She is the southern girl in a big and beautiful Texas city.

But about me, personally? I grew up in a Dallas suburb and welcomed my beautiful son into the world at a very young age requiring me to grow the hell up, trust and lean on my family, find my career calling and find it fast and really open my eyes up to what God has had in store for me this whole time. So since, I’ve grown up (somewhat), live in the heart of the city and am submerging myself in my career as an entrepreneur in digital and social marketing – all while being a single mom! It has been such a fun, wild and unpredictable ride that I started blogging about my experiences when I was 21 (and my son was 4).

I’ll blog about my mommy fails and my learning curves. I’ll over share my awkward dating stories and rant about every annoying guy I encounter or that pisses me off… or anyone else that pisses me off. I’ll attempt to write somewhat motivational career posts that are usually based off of what I’ve learned the hard way. And, I can’t help but to throw some random wit in between all of that.

Thank you for being here. Thoughts, question, concerns or other inquiries are welcome.

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Jordan Nix (and occasionally Carson)

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