Big news and you’re one of the first to know!

To cut to the chase, a big girl version of Dallasbelle is now live! Meet –>!

To dive deeper, is a graduated, more tenured version of Dallasbelle, and I’m really excited for you to check it out.

When I started blogging in 2011, I no doubt had a lot to say. I wanted to use this space to promote living the single life as a mom in Dallas. This blog has been an excellent outlet for me to share my personal experiences, a lot of shitty dates, and allow me to be a little witty and sassy. It was fun, and the posts to this day are still really entertaining and occasionally sweet, but I’ve nonetheless outgrown it.

Okay, yes, I am still single in Dallas, and I still have a lot to say, but I am ready to reach people beyond the confinements of the big city and in a new, less personal way. is essentially a lifestyle blog dedicated to empowering, motivating, and connecting the everyday Jo. It is a blog that mostly everyone can relate to (without airing my dirty laundry). Similar to Dallasbelle, will be a subscription based blog, so be sure to subscribe when you get there! But definitely be sure to subscribe.

Thank you for your support and following me to my next journey.

See ya there,


My Renewal Resolution

Well… I just renewed Dallasbelle’s domain for another year. It’s been a great year, but it’s no secret that I really need to blog more. And I have a TON to blog about, I promise. I probably have the longest Notes list in Macbook history filled my sarcastic rants and awkward encounters, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day all of a sudden. I will make a cyber-public “renewal resolution” to blog more! So, that’s that.

To go along with my (now) public renewal resolution, here is a little Q&A to start off “New Blog Year”:

Q: Will I ever turn this into a fashion blog?
A: Hell no. Not because I don’t love a good fashion blog (I do!), but because I’m just not that fashionable. Carson is… Maybe I’ll make a fashion blog for him. Jk, that isn’t going to happen either.

Q: So if it isn’t a fashion blog, is this a mom blog? 
A: No way. I am still trying to figure this mom gig out which, in some cases, is costing me a lot of money.

Q: Is this a resort for readers to get dating advice?
A: The last resort! I did, however, pick up the book Get The Guy recently. I’ll let you know what happens from there.

Q: Who are my readers?
A: Oddly enough… guys.

Q: What are my longterm plans for the blog?
A: I have BIG plans for the blog. Those are top-secret for now, but I can say that the goal isn’t to turn it into a fashion or mommy blog. I think we’ve already established that.

Q: What do I want your readers to get out of the blog?
A: Mainly a good laugh. Occasionally inspiration. And at times, something people can relate to.






Self Sufficient Pee Britches

Carson first grade

Why do you look so thrilled?

*Warning, Carson: Yes, this post is a little embarrassing and I’m sorry. You will agree, one of these days, that some of these things need to be documented for future reference. Whether that future reference is for black mailing or for reminiscing, I don’t know, but it will be worth it.

You’ve always been a self-sufficient little man, and first grade is really proving that. You have started requesting lists for you to check off each morning as you get ready. You eat breakfast while you listen to your Spotify playlist. You perfectly comb your hair while dancing in the mirror. You make sure your socks are pulled up evenly on your ankles and your shoe strings are tied to a T. And you sometimes even pack my work bag for me. However, your self sufficient-ness has yet again gone to the next level.

You came home from school in brand new khaki shorts! Why though? What happened to the khaki shorts you went to school in? “We were on the playground and I had to go to the bathroom, but it was really far so I just held it. We started playing kickball and I thought I could hold it, I promise, but the ball hit Adam (made up friend’s name) in the nuts and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

OMG, child. But thank you for saving me $15 on some Old Navy uniform shorts! Good lookin’ out, pee britches.



Your Mom



Remapping Goals and Avoiding Spare Tires

goal map


Do you ever feel like a spare tire speedily rolling down the street at first but then slowing down and finally just collapsing?

Kind of like this one:

I think we all do at some point. We get an opportunity. You’re on fire. No one is stopping you. You might hit a few bumps here and there and get yelled at by a crazy ex, but you have the momentum. Eventually your tire makes a wrong turn, hits a dead-end or just loses control and you spin in circles. And just like that- you’re still. People who enjoy the momentum of spare tires don’t like being still. So what do you do?

Re-map out your goals.
I am very goal oriented. I like to know where I want to be in 5 years, 10 years and even 20 years. I have my goals on Pinterest boards, on an inspiration board above my work desk, tucked away in Chrome bookmarks and in old fashioned notebooks. I’m visual, obviously, and I need to be reminded! Because just like everyone else, I get distracted.

So every now and then, I’ll pull out my notebook and make a goal map. Yours could look differently. Mine has a place to write out professional and personal goals and if they are short or long term. I carry over on the next page and write out things I need to do to get shit done, literally. I like my goals to cover all aspects of my life: God, being a mother, DATING (why did I all caps that?) and my career. I will probably reference this a few times throughout the year and I might even re-remap in 6 months or so. It’s just nice to remind yourself where you are, where you want to be and how you’re getting there.

get stuff done tina fey

Pro Tip: Have a glass of wine (or two) and put on a good playlist. The Red Wine Over Dinner Spotify playlist sounds insanely cheesy, but it is super sexy… I mean motivating!



Conquering Weddings, Solo

dallas wedding

There are amazing things that you learn about yourself during your single years that you might not ever get a chance to learn otherwise. You might find a hidden talent. You might realize your personality is a lot quirkier than you thought. You might learn how to do something completely out of your realm.

Or, even better, you might learn how to conquer a summer full of weddings, solo.

Bringing a date to a wedding as a single lady can be a total bore to begin with. You can’t gossip and have inappropriate conversations with your girls, and you have to worry about making sure they don’t feel awkward when you leave him to go hit the dance floor. I, personally, suggest putting on your party panties and going to the next wedding on your own.

Here are a few tips to accomplish Single Lady Wedding Reception Success:

Look hot. The more confident you feel, the easier it will be to open up in a setting that may be outside of your comfort zone. And don’t be that girl that wears a dress and shoes that you can’t dance in and don’t wear white… or red.

Go ahead and put the phone away. Being glued to your phone means missing out on conversations and opportunities to meet new people. And being glued to your phone in social settings can be tacky. Ugh… I just said tacky.

Arrive early. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but this will give you time to find familiar faces and someone to sit with during the nuptials.

Find a seat. Seating during the reception can be awkward. It’s awkward if there is assigned seating; it’s awkward if there isn’t. If you’re like me, you’ll either end up at the kids table or the retirement table. Remember, you’re on your own. Find an empty seat next to someone you know… or that hot friend of the groom!

Participate! The bride and groom want to make sure everyone is having fun. Finish your second (or third) cocktail and get on the dance floor. Who cares if you suck at dancing (hi). Who cares if everyone at the table is watching you (they’ll probably admire you). Grab friends and the bride and break in the dance floor for everyone else.

If you really want to rock a reception dance floor, you may want to learn these few dances:

The Wobble

Cupid Shuffle

Single Ladies

Cha Cha Slide

And because every guy in Texas needs to learn the basics to country two stepping.

At this point of the night, you should be ready to catch the bouquet. After all, your dance solo to Single Ladies should have everyone cheering for you to catch the bouquet. So, you may want to practice catching too…

Now, the rest of the night… that’s up to you.