Self Sufficient Pee Britches

Carson first grade

Why do you look so thrilled?

*Warning, Carson: Yes, this post is a little embarrassing and I’m sorry. You will agree, one of these days, that some of these things need to be documented for future reference. Whether that future reference is for black mailing or for reminiscing, I don’t know, but it will be worth it.

You’ve always been a self-sufficient little man, and first grade is really proving that. You have started requesting lists for you to check off each morning as you get ready. You eat breakfast while you listen to your Spotify playlist. You perfectly comb your hair while dancing in the mirror. You make sure your socks are pulled up evenly on your ankles and your shoe strings are tied to a T. And you sometimes even pack my work bag for me. However, your self sufficient-ness has yet again gone to the next level.

You came home from school in brand new khaki shorts! Why though? What happened to the khaki shorts you went to school in? “We were on the playground and I had to go to the bathroom, but it was really far so I just held it. We started playing kickball and I thought I could hold it, I promise, but the ball hit Adam (made up friend’s name) in the nuts and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

OMG, child. But thank you for saving me $15 on some Old Navy uniform shorts! Good lookin’ out, pee britches.



Your Mom




What I Know Now as a Mother That I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago

I am so far from having this mom gig figured out. And just like any other mom, I am learning everyday. There is SO much they don’t tell you when you enter the world of motherhood and there is so much left out of all of those parenting books… (not that I read any of them). It is always the small and simple things that help you tremendously. And you usually learn those things the hard way. (hi.) Here is what I have figured out over time that I wish I knew when Carson was a baby…


Don’t over do it. That ginorm 1st birthday party that they will never remember… was it worth all of that money? For me? Nope. There are going to be SO many expenses that magically pop up as your little one gets older; save that money!

Find a steady balance in your career and the mom gig. It is extremely important to be able to provide for your family and make a career for yourself, especially if you’re doing this on your own. You might have to make some sacrifices at home and at work. You will learn when to take time off and when to work late.

If you can, get the maid. Even if she comes once every other month, it will help keep you sane.

Don’t compete with other moms. Your kid will ALWAYS be better than her kid. No need to make that a competition…

Don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF. Go get a massage. Get your rest. Go to the dentist. Get your work outs in. Take time for yourself.

You are going to get frustrated. The way you react to your frustrations will reflect onto your kid.

Tell them how proud you are of them daily.  Everyone needs some positive reassurance every now and then (I know I do) and kids need it that much more. And again, it’s the little things. Tell them they did a great job cleaning the table off. That they were so brave during that storm. That they finished their homework all by themselves.

Be a tough lover. It is important to be tough on them, give them high expectations and don’t back down… not even when they give you that look… You know what look I’m talking about! But when you are tough on them, remind them how much you love them and hug and kiss them.

Know when to say no. You will have plans with friends you will have to turn down. You might not be able to buy those shoes. It probably isn’t a good idea for the kiddo to eat that whole bag of Sour Patch Kids.

Know when to say yes. Take a night off and go out with your girlfriends! You worked your ass off on that project, buy the shoes. It’s Friday night, let him eat the candy. You see what I did there?

Speaking of girlfriends, focus on your core girlfriends. You no longer have time to be a socialite and keep up with all of those acquaintances. Your core girlfriends will respect you and your struggle as a mother. They shouldn’t expect you to pick up the bar tab, to go on Saturday shopping sprees and to go out regularly.

Give your kid a bed time! There is nothing better than getting your kid to bed by 8:15 and being able to kick back, watch Real Housewives and drink your wine without any interruptions.

Always have wine on hand. A glass of wine (or two) after bed time is kind of just as healthy as taking your daily vitamins. Cheers!







Stop and Look Up…

If you:

  • Are interested in what other people have to say online,
  • Care to know if they are interested in what you have to say online,
  • Only allow milliseconds to pass before sharing something intimate,
  • Want to share every single killer hair day with the world via selfie,
  • Work on your health only to please people you don’t know,
  • Post countless, yet pointless, pictures of your child,
  • Own a dog,
  • Are on Facebook,
  • Tweet occasionally,
  • Breathe…

You must watch this video… NOW!


EVERYONE is guilty of what is said in this video. I am going to start “living life the real way” by turning my phone off between 6pm and 9pm (basically between the time I pick Carson up and he goes to bed). Baby steps, yall.

What are you going to do to start?




“Mom, do you have a boyfriend?”

Regardless of the fact that I hardly date, I don’t believe in bringing guys (that could potentially be a boyfriend) around Carson for many reasons. I a) don’t want to give the guy the wrong impression, b) don’t want Carson to get attached and c) it just isn’t something that needs to be done in the early stages of dating (in my book, at least).

I met up with a friend last weekend, and being the hot mess that I am, I left my damn purse in his truck. With Carson in tote, I picked up my purse, said hi and we were on her way. Within 5 minutes of leaving, Carson asks, “Mom, do you have a boyfriend?” Because this is coming from a kid who currently has 5+ girlfriends, I wasn’t completely caught off guard with his cultivated question. I was more so flustered to say, “No Carson. I don’t have a boyfriend…” Hah!

I’m not sure if I’m ready to have these talks with him. He’s so nosey… and smart. Dammit.



Very Single Mom