Confession Friday: Not Trending

Let’s talk about trends…

I hate them.

Have you ever walked into a party and everyone there was wearing the same beautiful, yet the same statement jewelry? Have you ever gone to a Christmas party and your great aunt was wearing the same riding boots as you? They may have been a different brand and price point as your beloved shoes, but to everyone else, they were the same. Have you ever gone out for a Saturday night on the town to find at least 5 people in every bar you go to had the same wardrobe vision you had while you were getting ready? I thought a Kimono paired with a tank, cut off shorts and lace up boots for a Saturday night in Uptown Dallas would surely be original. Nope. And it’s even worse when the people you are twinsies with aren’t necessarily the cutest people in the bar.

Yeah… trends are annoying. And maybe I dislike them so much because I really enjoy rotating my clothes. I don’t like for my purchases to become “so last month” in a matter of a… month. But I still really love the Kimono and if you’re in Dallas looking for one, go to Milk & Honey or Flirt Boutique in Uptown.

Photo Courtesy of: Milk & Honey Boutique, Uptown Dallas

Photo Courtesy of: Milk & Honey Boutique, Uptown Dallas

Bonus Friday Confession: I am really bad about taking care of myself. I stress myself out so much about following through with my main duty of keeping my son healthy that my health gets thrown to the wayside. So, I encourage you to go get a check up, take your vitamins and when you feel “off”, you probably are. Now that I’m finally getting myself back on track (literally… don’t ask), blogs might become more frequent. Such a slacker I’ve been…


Untrendy Jo


My Dallas Don’t Give a Damn Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, to me, are milestones. Each birthday age you’re either old enough to now be able to do something, or now too old to not do something anymore. Some birthdays set you into cruise control straight to your mid-life crisis. Some birthdays leave you in your border-line immature teen years, and some motivate to you step up your a-game…

Well my recent birthday was a birthday milestone where I was still on both sides of the fence (thank God). I was still young enough to do the super cliché Uptown Dallas bar crawl, and old enough to wear an outfit that stated “I don’t give a damn” (also the theme of my birthday). It was a birthday where I was still young enough to let my hair down and karaoke like I was 10 years old again standing on my bunk bed singing Leann Rimes, yet was old enough to have no interests in finding or impressing a guy or even making that a goal. It’s really a great age…

So, how do you celebrate a birthday milestone where you can let your hair down like you just don’t give a damn in Dallas? Easy…
1) Gather your girlfriends. So, this is also an age where your BF’s are well established and making your birthday invite is just a group text away…
2) Get a Lyft. Download the app, use promo code RUDY176 and you have 3 free rides. And you’ll now want to Lyft to your mom’s house and everywhere else.
3) Karaoke at the MAT (McKinney Avenue Tavern). There’s a fun old guy you can serenade and Big Al is usually nearby, although he no longer swings a girl around the dance floor for her birthday!
4) Go to Den bar. It is EXTREMELY overrated, filled with no one from within the Dallas city limits and one bartender is a total douchelord, but it’s a rad place you can go to dance like your 8th grade dance DJ just gave you a shout out.
5) Ride bikes down Swiss Ave. Duh.

Dallas Birthday
@dallasbelleblog. Kimono top from TopShop and black lace shorts courtesy of The Brown Eyed Girl Boutique.


No longer the birthday girl.

Garage Sale Shopping Sans the Fanny Pack

It’s a gorgeous Sunday, which means windows opened, coffee brewed and garage sale shopping galore!
Garage sale shopping and coffee

Yes, garage sale shopping- from my comfy bed. It is great! I have NEVER been a garage sale shopper; I hate digging for things and get bored easily. But, I have recently discovered Facebook garage sale groups and have now become addicted and maybe on the verge of a hoarder. I’m also obsessed with constantly finding and adding new swanky and random things to my home, so I like really can not stay off of these sites. ( gets the best of me, too.) So, I must spotlight a few of my exciting finds, below!

steve madden cross body
Cute Steve Madden cross body purse, yellow and perfect for summer. $5

home office decor
Home office desk decor, plus my instagram pics printed by Social Print Studio. Geode $15. ‘n’ $6.

home decor
Adorable pewter candle stick ($8) and a funky bedside table ($20).

You can search for a garage sale group near you by searching ‘neighborhood name’ yard sale or ‘neighborhood name’ garage sale group in Facebook. Plus-side, these groups will probably be more interesting than your high school acquaintances’ status updates!



Let’s Play a New Game…

Walking around the streets of Dallas during the corporate lunch hour, you see all sorts of interesting people. You see some people with great fashion sense, but you see more people without it. And well frankly, I take pictures of those without it. With that being said, I have a new game…


Who can list the most fashion faux pas seen in this picture:


Dallas Street Fashion Faux Pas











I may post my thoughts later, but right now I have too many.

Read, set, GO!



PS- Homeboy on the left clearly didn’t read my last ‘Long Hair – Start to Care‘ post… 😉

Long Hair – Start to Care

Breaking News!

Hot off the press!

News flash!

Freakishly long hair

There IS a such thing as too long of hair. Yes, this applies to men (obvi), but ladies, I’m talking to you! Now, I’m not talking about the standard “long hair”. I mean, hi. I have long hair. I am talking the insanely long “wanna be hipster” but really looks like a horse’s mane hair.



My justifications:

Hair near your ass crack can’t be sanitary.

9 times out of 10, it looks stringy and nappy… oh, and greasy.

What do you do with it in bed? (That’s what she said, beat you to it!)

Adding the middle part to the mess makes your face look 4 times longer than it really is.

Also, crazy long hair throws off other body proportions. Long hair: short legs. Long hair: no boobs. Long hair: huge ears. Okay, I may be exaggerating…

Here are some of my fav hairstyles right now in case your scissors are handy, or even better, you’re calling your stylist. (You’re welcome)