8 Guys Single Girls Just Can’t Repel

Let’s be honest. As single ladies, we have encountered certain types of guys you’d rather not encounter again. Whether you’re on the dating scene, newly single or flying solo for a while, you can’t avoid these guys. It’s inevitable.

I’ve done my research and categorized these guys. Now, don’t get excited. These aren’t ALL guys I’ve dated. Maybe I did my research through my single girlfriends. But then again, we’re being honest…

The Professional Dater: This guy knows what he’s doing. You have a short conversation and boom- he asks you out. If you don’t jump to the idea, he’s persistent. He lets you pick the day and time, he chooses the place, and he knows how to carry the conversation and asks all the super lame interview-y questions. Then he wraps it up (the date), picks up the tab, hugs you goodbye and calls it a night.

Why is this so bad? Well, he’s so comfortable dating that he missed the whole pre-qualifying step. It’s like a blind date sans the blind. Not interested in him? He’d never know…

The Reassurance Craver: He’s needy. Run away. This guy probably just got out of a shitty relationship where he lost all of his confidence. Now, he is throwing compliments at you like he’s competing for a long stem red rose. Sure… take advantage of it! All girls need to bask in compliments every now and then, but don’t fall for it…

What’s so wrong with a guy needing some positive reinforcement from someone other than his mom? For starters, he wants you to turn all of those compliments around on him. You’ll do it. He’ll get his confidence boost. It won’t last.

The Not Seriously, Too Serious Dater: Usually with this guy, you know that you aren’t going to be FBO (Facebook Official) any time soon and you’re okay with that. You’re both just dating for fun. That is until you’re sipping your wine and holding hands as he leads you to your floor seats at a Mavs game… to be seated with-his-parents.

Sure, Mavs games are fun, but with his parents? Regardless of the “nonchalant or not” dating, no one wants or needs to meet your parents on the first date.

The Dumbass: No full time job, lives with his parents or crashing at a buddy’s and has no idea what he wants to do with his life, yet he still thinks he can find himself a girlfriend. The only thing that is getting your attention is that he is a regular texter.

Need I say more?

The Undercover Dater: You’ll find these guys online, but they’ll find you first! He doesn’t have hardly any pictures, he has a random @DallasmavsGuy username and no personal bio. Yeah, I know… all red flags already. Then he’ll start messaging you and gradually tells you about his well paying job, stable life and so on. You’re reeled in and then he asks you out.

It’s not a crime to go on an innocent date. Why not test the waters? Take a chance? Let’s just say you’ll want to know his first AND last name before committing to a date to ensure he isn’t 20+ years older than you. I’m sure it’s really awkward retracting your agreement to go on the date post last name discovery.

The Non-Settler: They think they are the absolute shit, so they are holding out for Jessica Biel. When in the long run, they are just super lonely. They text you, constantly flirts with you, he even talks to you on the phone (that’s rare), but he won’t do anything for you that would be going out of his way.

He’ll impress you enough to hold your attention, but you’re not getting anything out of it. And let’s face it, he probably isn’t your Justin Timberlake either. On to the next…

The Pre-Major Commitment Tester: He stems from the Non-Settler. Not a dater but a tester, and unfortunately, these guys do exist. They’ve been in a serious relationship and it’s about to get more serious. So they freak and go test the waters real fast to make sure they didn’t miss their Jessica Biel. They’ll find you, profess their unheard of feelings for you, you’ll fall for it, and he’ll be engaged the next day.

The Too Soon Clinger: You know that saying “give them an inch and they take a mile?” That would be this guy. You briefly give him some attention and he immediately starts the non-stop texting, makes countless (annoying) offers to hang out and just flat out won’t leave you alone. I would scream if I wasn’t already suffocating.

Don’t be completely put off by this guy. They actually mean well. Just be super blunt with them and don’t lead them on.


Did I miss a category? Oh, right… the actual ideal guy. Yeah, so that guy girls don’t have a hard time repelling. We can’t find them in the haystack to begin with!






You Know You’re Bitter When…

You know you’re bitter about relationships, dating or anything that has to do with love when:

  • You “un-Show In Newsfeed” everyone on Facebook that posts a mushy status update.
  • Everything they post is mushy? Instant un-friend.
  • You run away from the bouquet that is being tossed at a wedding.
  • You become that person that all of your friends go to for dating advice because you are brutally honest. Friend: “He hasn’t reached out to me in almost a week.” Me: “Stop talking to him. When he does call or text you, wait a minimum of 24 hours to respond and don’t be available when he tries to hang out with you next. Now, let’s go somewhere to drink.”
  • Someone shows interest in you and you run away, far away.
  • You have a killer social life. I mean really… You do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it.
  • And at the same time, you’re more than content with staying home on a Friday night with a glass of wine (beer for me), Cosmo magazine, On Demand and a big fluffy blanket.
  • People ask you if you’re seeing someone and you unconsciously roll your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Your coworkers and friends suggest online dating because they don’t see you ever changing your ways.

Okay. Yes, I am guilty of all of the above. I’m sure one day someone will come around that will change all of that. Maybe…







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Dallasebelle Rule #5

Dallasbelle Rule #5: Never settle for anything less than what you deserve and definitely nothing lower than your own standards.

Whether it is who you hang out with, job related, or who you date- lowering your own standards only gives others the capability of lowering the standards they have for you. Essentially, you can put yourself in a lose/lose situation.

If you think you can do better, chances are you can!