Dallasbelle Rule #1

I have overslept every single day this week and I am blaming it on the cold weather! Thankfully, I have been blessed with products and tools to wear my hair curly on days that I don’t have time to actually straighten my hair and look somewhat presentable. Today is a different story; I overslept so much that I didn’t even have time to wear my hair curly.

Dallasbelle Rule #1:
It is completely acceptable to have a bad hair day every now and then if you:
a) Do your make up and do it right.
b) Wear a well put together wardrobe.
There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day, not wearing any or enough make up, and throwing on the first outfit you grab out of your closet. You would look like a total lazy/hung over wreck!

Dallasbelle Tip:
Incorporate a braid into your ‘do to make your bad hair day look planned.