My Dallas Don’t Give a Damn Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, to me, are milestones. Each birthday age you’re either old enough to now be able to do something, or now too old to not do something anymore. Some birthdays set you into cruise control straight to your mid-life crisis. Some birthdays leave you in your border-line immature teen years, and some motivate to you step up your a-game…

Well my recent birthday was a birthday milestone where I was still on both sides of the fence (thank God). I was still young enough to do the super cliché Uptown Dallas bar crawl, and old enough to wear an outfit that stated “I don’t give a damn” (also the theme of my birthday). It was a birthday where I was still young enough to let my hair down and karaoke like I was 10 years old again standing on my bunk bed singing Leann Rimes, yet was old enough to have no interests in finding or impressing a guy or even making that a goal. It’s really a great age…

So, how do you celebrate a birthday milestone where you can let your hair down like you just don’t give a damn in Dallas? Easy…
1) Gather your girlfriends. So, this is also an age where your BF’s are well established and making your birthday invite is just a group text away…
2) Get a Lyft. Download the app, use promo code RUDY176 and you have 3 free rides. And you’ll now want to Lyft to your mom’s house and everywhere else.
3) Karaoke at the MAT (McKinney Avenue Tavern). There’s a fun old guy you can serenade and Big Al is usually nearby, although he no longer swings a girl around the dance floor for her birthday!
4) Go to Den bar. It is EXTREMELY overrated, filled with no one from within the Dallas city limits and one bartender is a total douchelord, but it’s a rad place you can go to dance like your 8th grade dance DJ just gave you a shout out.
5) Ride bikes down Swiss Ave. Duh.

Dallas Birthday
@dallasbelleblog. Kimono top from TopShop and black lace shorts courtesy of The Brown Eyed Girl Boutique.


No longer the birthday girl.


Birthday, Birthweek, Birthmonth…

Everyone knows that girls’ birthdays typically last about a month. I settled for the week, I promise! I guess since I am just now blogging about it, we’ll consider it the month…

My birthday celebrations started the weekend prior in Uptown for two hometown friends’ birthday celebration. (They celebrate their birthdays together every year, and I crash theirs and celebrate mine with them every year. It’s a tradition.) Being with friends from your home town means going places you went when you were 21. Trophy Room (yup, the bar with the mechanical bull) and The MAT. If you kick ass as much as I do at karaoke, you’ll love The MAT.


We are twins. We were born on the same day.

The week proceeded with an amaze-fest family cook out, local boutique shopping at Flirt, Milk & Honey and Brown Eyed Girl, lots of wine and dinner on the roof top patio of Terilli’s, my favorite red velvet cake from Bread Winners and Kona Grill and an always unforgettable night out on the town with my friends.

My actual birthday celebration started at Uptown’s newest Mexi restaurant and bar, Pozo Mercado, for dinner and drinks. The food was great, drinks were delish and the place had a cool vibe. Pozo is owned by the same people that own Sfuzzi and Standard Pour, both some of my fav Uptown spots. The night took us to Sfuzzi, Sunset Lounge and embarrassingly enough… LeVu. I’m not a clubber, so thank God we got there close to closing time.

I anticipate my next birthday being a little more low key, but still a week long. 🙂



Birthday Planning Starts… Now!

My birthday is coming up (June 4th to be exact) and I’m not sure how I am going to top off last year’s celebration.

Last year, my girlfriends and I did everything from drinks by my pool, beer tastings at The Common Table, dinner and more drinks at a few bars in Uptown to the pool at the Omni Dallas. It was quite the adventure to say the least…

Now, for this year, I have discovered this place… Ku De Ta Dallas. This Dallas gem is in a discrete location behind Three Sheets, off of the Central Expressway and Ross. Ku De Ta is unique because of its very resort-y pool-side bungalows during the day and destination nightlife seen at night. It’s like a stay-cation! I’m dying to check it out. What do you think? Does it look like douchebag central?


Any other birthday suggestions in Dallas?