Dateable? Let’s ask Facebook.

People have always said you have seven seconds to make a positive first impression, but how many of you Google or Facebook someone before you actually meet them in person? I am personally guilty.

I would say that you have about 15 seconds to make a positive cyber impression. Within that 15 seconds of scrolling through a Facebook profile you can easily see someone’s¬†intelligence, their professional status, their style, and what kind of movies and music they are into.

What would be a negative cyber impression? Well, you can start with their default picture. A picture of someone doing a keg stand or just drunk in general would be a huge turn off. Status updates can also reveal a lot about you. Do you know how to spell? Are you way too open with your personal drama? Do you write about rap songs and smoking? Gosh, that is the worst!

Facebook can definitely help a single girl out! Someone asked me the other day how I knew a certain someone was single. Easy! He was no longer being tagged in pictures with his alleged ex a few months ago and even better, he cropped her out of his default picture. Now, if he adds his ex back as a friend you might have a problem… Okay, I am sounding like a total creep, but Facebook has helped tremendously with weeding out those who would be a total waste of time.

Word to you single boys… Watch what you’re putting on your profile! Maybe it is time for a Facebook¬†cleanse.

Girls, the next post will be for you. Stay tuned!