Long Hair – Start to Care

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Freakishly long hair

There IS a such thing as too long of hair. Yes, this applies to men (obvi), but ladies, I’m talking to you! Now, I’m not talking about the standard “long hair”. I mean, hi. I have long hair. I am talking the insanely long “wanna be hipster” but really looks like a horse’s mane hair.



My justifications:

Hair near your ass crack can’t be sanitary.

9 times out of 10, it looks stringy and nappy… oh, and greasy.

What do you do with it in bed? (That’s what she said, beat you to it!)

Adding the middle part to the mess makes your face look 4 times longer than it really is.

Also, crazy long hair throws off other body proportions. Long hair: short legs. Long hair: no boobs. Long hair: huge ears. Okay, I may be exaggerating…

Here are some of my fav hairstyles right now in case your scissors are handy, or even better, you’re calling your stylist. (You’re welcome)









Dallasbelle Rule #1

I have overslept every single day this week and I am blaming it on the cold weather! Thankfully, I have been blessed with products and tools to wear my hair curly on days that I don’t have time to actually straighten my hair and look somewhat presentable. Today is a different story; I overslept so much that I didn’t even have time to wear my hair curly.

Dallasbelle Rule #1:
It is completely acceptable to have a bad hair day every now and then if you:
a) Do your make up and do it right.
b) Wear a well put together wardrobe.
There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day, not wearing any or enough make up, and throwing on the first outfit you grab out of your closet. You would look like a total lazy/hung over wreck!

Dallasbelle Tip:
Incorporate a braid into your ‘do to make your bad hair day look planned.