A Little Mom Pep-up from my Favorite Kid President


This is everything I needed to hear and at all the right time. So, I wanted to share it with you because I know I’m not alone and because this is just one of the best things ever.


10 Things Every Mom Needs to Know


“The secret to changing the world… Moms.”


Thank you, Kid President.




Jo Momma


Presidents Day Truth

This ‘Letter to a Person on Their First Day’ by the Kid President is probably the best thing you’ll watch all year, or at least until he comes out with another YouTube video…

I made Carson watch this video before school a few times and it totally helped change his attitude and mine too! I encourage you to watch one of his videos at least once a week… and have your kid watch it with you while you’re at it.

Happy Presidents Day.


kid presdient STOP BEING BORING