I am not a Soccer Mom

soccer mom


I am not a soccer mom. 


I am not going to compare my son’s report card with yours. 

I am not going to make fancy Christmas or Valentines treats for class. You’re lucky if we make it to the store to pick up a package of cookies. 

I am not going to volunteer to read kids books at school. 

I am not going to change the radio station to Disney when carpooling. Wait, do I have to carpool?

I am not going to make sure my son makes it to every kid in his class’s birthday parties. 

I am not going to do his homework to make sure he makes the best grades. 

I am not going to paint my nails the color of his sports teams.

I am not going to one up you and your kid, blatantly at least. 


But I will be the loudest mom on the side lines. 

I will embarrass him by kissing him in front of his friends (probably even when he’s in his 20’s). 

I will cuddle with him every morning and every night. 

I will have major dance parties with him in the car. 

I will let him take me on dates to teach him how to court a girl. 

I will teach him the importance of doing things on his own. (Like making breakfast and letting mommy sleep in every now and then.)

I will let him be his own person, within reason. And if that means wearing Wranglers, Longhorns belt buckle, Vans and a Polo shirt while loving skateboarding, baseball and Luke Bryan, then so be it. 

I will be his best friend and biggest motivator. 



Your Normal Single and Working Mom, Jordan



My New Promotion

I’ll admit, I was probably the only mom as excited as I was that their baby was starting kindergarten. I mean, hello- goodbye daycare bill that was almost as high as my monthly rent!

As Carson and I passed the tearful parents on the first day of school, we were just about skipping to class. I sat him down at his desk, gave him a huge kiss, and while watching him as I left the classroom, I passed a long line of parents standing in the front of the room watching their kids… sit at a desk.

Even though I wasn’t an emotional wreck, I was a nervous wreck the week leading up to the first day of school. We all know that being a parent, your life revolves around your kid(s), but somehow that is taken to a whole ‘nother level when your “baby” starts kindergarten. You have to make sure they are at school on time, you pick them up on time, do homework (I never did my own homework!), cook dinner, eat dinner, bath, bed. Oh, wait… throw soccer practices and games in the mix of all of that (head spinning). Whether you’re a single parent (shout out) or you have help, it’s all still very stressful.

I opened my first soccer team email for Carson and it was for a coaches meeting at the neighborhood family-friendly bar. My initial thought was “Sweet, I got Carson on the right team!” I left work early, picked up Carson and got ready for the meeting so that Carson could meet his coach and his teammates, or at least that’s what we thought. We got to the [family-friendly] bar and I walked into a room full of men; a majority of them being not necessarily old and ugly. Of course my wedding ring radar eye glanced around the room, but not in time to find out that everyone was there to discuss concession stands, bathrooms and fields. Oh… so I was at an actual coaches meeting. Oops…

Through the stress and hectic-ness of our new daily/weekly schedule, I feel like I got a killer job promotion: a mommy promotion. Job promotions are never meant to make your job easier; they’re meant to make your job more challenging, and even better, more rewarding. My life has shifted, once again, for my little kindergartner and we have new challenges and goals to face, but they are beyond rewarding. I couldn’t be more proud of my mommy promotion and, more importantly, Carson. The “proud momma” feeling is one that nothing and no one else can compare to. It is crazy to think that some people would call this “baggage.” If anything, it’s a mere advancement.

With this being a “proud momma” blog post, of course I had to include pictures of my lil man…



Jordan AKA Proud Kinder Mom