R-E-S-P-E-C-T for International Women’s Day

Self empowering. Self educated. Self motivated. And, most importantly, self made. These are the qualities of today’s powerful and successful women, thanks to the path that amazing women of our past led for us.

These are just a handful of the many women that are the reason where most of us are today. They are women that rebelled, that stood up for what they believed in, that didn’t rely on anyone else but themselves for their own success. And with these women, you can’t spell out the word respect without singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T, you are able to (hopefully) prevent having a farm full of kids with a little magical pill and we don’t have to wear corsets and frills everyday and can now wear loser and more comfortable clothes. And to that, I am personally very thankful.

Without these women, we wouldn’t be able to put on a suit, go to work and kick ass. We wouldn’t be able to express our ideas and opinions, innovate and be R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ed by coworkers or employers. We wouldn’t have the powerful and successful women today to look up to.

It is so refreshing knowing that the success of these women came from their own dreams, visions and goals, and they didn’t rely on a man to get them where they are today. They started their careers early, they struggled, they went through the same grind most of are going through today, they’ve failed and they came out on top. If that doesn’t make you bust out “who runs the world, GIRLS” lyrics, I don’t know what will!

Now, to the women who led the way, thank you. To the women leading the way today, don’t stop. To the women going through the struggle,  power through.

Happy International Women’s Day.



Jordan, your fellow struggler.


Young & Fearless – Your 5 Year Plan

Marissa MayerYou’re young and trying to find your inner Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo). Why Marissa Mayer? Well, she has style for one; she’s paid her way, climbed to the top and she’s not even 40! Your twenties is all about self-discovery, but don’t take advantage of this prime time!

Where do you see yourself five years from now? What do you need to do to get there? Who is in your support group? Are you on the right path?

Having an idea of where you want to be in five years is like having the middle part of your puzzle put together and all you need are the edge pieces. Are you passionate about teaching, nursing, real estate, marketing, etc.? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? When you have that part down, you can then start to dream big and visualize yourself in those shoes and carrying that designer purse you paid for yourself.

Okay, back to reality. What do you need to do to get there? First, get your foot in the door! Start at where you can and learn the ends and outs of your desired industry, and most importantly, get the experience, make your contacts and do the bitch work. You aren’t going to be the CEO of Yahoo overnight. Not sure where or how to get your foot in the door? Find someone that has your “dream job” on LinkedIn. (It’s like Facebook for work!) This is a great way to see someone’s professional experience, what they’re degree is in and if they have any special certificates. Take it a step further and follow these industry leaders on Twitter and participate in industry related discussions. But wait, if you are going to take it to this level, make sure you tweet things that wouldn’t offend your grandma, better yet, a possible future employer.

Who do you have in your support group? Having influential people close to you, or an actual group of supportive people is huge. It means you’ve done something to impress these people, they trust and want what’s best for you and you look up to them. You will always have people trying to tear you down, but if the person tearing you down has a hand in you achieving your goals, separate yourself from them. What’s the point of keeping them close anyway?

Are you in the right direction? If not, don’t jump ship! Hang in there and keep an open mind. Start thinking about your future. This is YOUR time, not anyone else’s.