The Name Game: Part 2

After a few days of casual texting, I am happy to say I finally got Trophy Room Guy’s name. It wasn’t an easy task though… I called just about all of my girlfriends asking what I should do and most of them just laughed at me!

(By the way, if you haven’t read the Name Game: Part 1, I would recommend reading that first.)

Plan A- Just ask him his name! At this point in the game I thought I would look like a complete idiot asking him his name.

Plan B- Not necessarily prank calling him, but having someone call and act like it is the wrong number. I thought for sure this would work, so I had my coworker (of Hispanic descent) call assuming he would answer. I foresaw the conversation going a little something like this…
TRG, “Hello?”
Coworker, “Hey, is this Jose?”
TRG, “I think you have the wrong number.”
Coworker, “Oh, who is this?”
TRG would then give his name.
Well, it didn’t quite work that way. He didn’t answer and his voicemail did not give his name.

Plan C- As much as I hate to give him the first opportunity to check out my Facebook, I thought I could tell him my last name and he could friend request me. I nonchalantly slipped my last name into our conversation… I got nothin’!

So, back to Plan A it is! I pulled the, “So, how do you spell your first name?” Of course with my luck it is a four letter name. Oh well. It all worked out and we were both able to Facebook “creep” each other before meeting.

Now I am downing a sugar free Red Bull to get ready for tonight. Wish me luck!