Are They Thinking What We’re Thinking?

I deal with a lot of packages at work, some big and some rather small. We probably have over 100 packages that come into our office weekly which leads to some interesting conversations that we have caught ourselves in.


Resident, “I have a package.”
Us, “Oh, you do? Let me grab that for you!”


Resident, “I need to pick up my package.”
Us, “Is it a big or small package?

Us, “Okay. Let me go grab it.”


Us, “Hi, hold on just one second while I go grab his package.”


Please tell me they aren’t thinking what we are thinking! This has become a huge inside joke in my office and it is hard to steer away from the terminology ┬ápackage.

It is kind of like the word ball caulk, some sort of toilet part. You can’t use this word without being slightly inappropriate.

Do any of you other multifamily professionals have words that are easily used out of context in your office? I’m hoping it isn’t just us!