A Mind Blowing Experience… Right here in Dallas.

I haven’t watched Real Housewives drama in over a week. I can’t remember the last time I was on Pinterest. I wore red skinny jeans yesterday and purple crop pants today because that is all that is clean in my house and I am exhausted. Why…?

The Final Four has been here in Dallas and I had the opportunity to completely submerge myself into any and all of its related festivities. This was a big deal for Dallas and Dallas really kicked ass and put on a hell of a show in my eyes.


Bracket Town Dallas
Bracket Town was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center next to the beautiful Omni Dallas Hotel.


Bracket Town Baseball
My all time favorite baseball player hung out with me at Bracket Town. He (sadly) had no interest in meeting Jason Witten with me, so he played baseball instead.


Jason Witten
Yes, you heard me. JASON WITTEN. Another gorgeous married man…


DeMarco Murray
DeMarco Murray… He looked at me, I saw his smile and I almost dropped my phone.


Bill Walton
This is Bill Walton. Other names that I didn’t know until this day are: Clyde Drexler, Alonzo Mourning and Mateen Cleaves. There were a few others but I already forgot them. I might can actually carry on a basketball conversation at this point…


Dallas Final Four skyline
Even this crappy picture shows how beautifully lit up the Dallas skyline was. Driving home to Dallas from the game in Arlington really made a local girl proud.


Jason Aldean. Willie (some Duck Dynasty guy). Best Friends. Perfection. 
Jason Aldean. Willie (some Duck Dynasty guy). Best Friends. Perfection.


Josh Abbott
Eeek. Awkward eye contact. Act cool… act cool. EEEEKKKK. Straight face. Get your shit together. Okay, go talk to him. JOSH ABBOTT. You know… from Josh Abbott Band, the best Texas Country Band EVER.

Do yourself a major favor and listen to this song of his –> She’s Like Texas. Maybe this one too –> Taste. Okay, well while you’re at it –> Oh, Tonight.

It may or may not be on my bucket list to be his back up singer one day… 


photo 5 (6)
Not a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but I am a major fan of this picture I took.


photo 4 (6)
Oh, so… they MADE me get on stage before Bruce and do the Charles Barkley bobble head. What (and Who)TF is that? Oh, a professional basketball player. Makes sense… But how do you do a bobble head dance? I only know how to shake my ass. And that’s what I did… in front of thousands of people… and got booed. But, not by Charles Barkley, if that makes any difference. He was a big fan and now so am I.


photo 2 (7)
I was a wet-rained on mess after the Springsteen show and being one of the only girls wearing cowboy boots means people easily recognizing you… as the girl who shook her ass in front of thousands of people. Dammit.


photo 3 (7)
Kid Rock is the exact bad ass we all expect and know him to be in real life.


Now the Final Four – the purpose of all of these events and the most mind-blowing and amazing thing I have ever experienced.

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)


I don’t think my brain has been so over stimulated since I was a baby in a room full of bright colors. But, now it’s time to get back to the normal grind and catch up on life and Housewives!




Bobble Ass Jordan



Long Hair – Start to Care

Breaking News!

Hot off the press!

News flash!

Freakishly long hair

There IS a such thing as too long of hair. Yes, this applies to men (obvi), but ladies, I’m talking to you! Now, I’m not talking about the standard “long hair”. I mean, hi. I have long hair. I am talking the insanely long “wanna be hipster” but really looks like a horse’s mane hair.



My justifications:

Hair near your ass crack can’t be sanitary.

9 times out of 10, it looks stringy and nappy… oh, and greasy.

What do you do with it in bed? (That’s what she said, beat you to it!)

Adding the middle part to the mess makes your face look 4 times longer than it really is.

Also, crazy long hair throws off other body proportions. Long hair: short legs. Long hair: no boobs. Long hair: huge ears. Okay, I may be exaggerating…

Here are some of my fav hairstyles right now in case your scissors are handy, or even better, you’re calling your stylist. (You’re welcome)