Look Effortlessly Gorg in less than 10 Minutes

Last week was a slightly rough week for me; I had terrible allergies, some weird eye infection, a cold, and I lost my voice. I need my sleep when I’m sick and I can’t just roll out of bed, throw on some comfy clothes, skip hair and make up, show up for work and expect people to take me seriously. Not to mention in my office, you never know who you’re going to run into.

Of course, I woke up a little late a handful of the mornings I was sick. So, I had no choice but to throw on a little red lip stain, mascara and pull my hair into a tight bun. If I attempted to do anything else with my hair, it would easily add on 30 minutes to my morning rush. I was ready to run out of my front door in less than 10 minutes! Not only was this a record breaker for me, but I actually got a lot of compliments on my “natural” look.

This look was partly inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s perfectly sleeked back bun and Courtney Kerr’s simple eyes and bold lips. Look how gorgeous they look!

I assume the products they use are a little on the pricey end.
Here are the products I use and that I can’t live without:

20120307-003058.jpg Perfect for bags and/or puffy eyes. Benefit Cosmetics

20120307-003355.jpg The only bronzer I have come across that actually gives you color that’s not orange and glittery. Benefit Cosmetics

20120307-003706.jpg No time for eyeliner and shadow? Just put this above and below your tear ducts and below your brow and your eyes will look gorg yet natural. Benefit Cosmetics

20120307-003943.jpg Use this alone and I guarantee at least five people will ask where you got your lash extensions! Benefit Cosmetics

20120307-004128.jpg Red lips will be the only thing that can tie this look together. This lip stain lasts all day, no sticky gloss to reapply, and you can use it on your cheeks too! Not to mention there’s some weird waive link between a man’s brain and the color red. Red anything will get you more attention than you’re use to. Benefit Cosmetics

20120307-074314.jpg After pulling your hair back into a bun, use this to lay down your baby hairs and to give your hair the perfect Kourtney Kardashian shine. Bed Head – Hard to Get




Dallasbelle Rule #1

I have overslept every single day this week and I am blaming it on the cold weather! Thankfully, I have been blessed with products and tools to wear my hair curly on days that I don’t have time to actually straighten my hair and look somewhat presentable. Today is a different story; I overslept so much that I didn’t even have time to wear my hair curly.

Dallasbelle Rule #1:
It is completely acceptable to have a bad hair day every now and then if you:
a) Do your make up and do it right.
b) Wear a well put together wardrobe.
There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day, not wearing any or enough make up, and throwing on the first outfit you grab out of your closet. You would look like a total lazy/hung over wreck!

Dallasbelle Tip:
Incorporate a braid into your ‘do to make your bad hair day look planned.