I’m moving on…

Pretty serious title, huh?

Let’s be honest. I like to do my research prior to letting myself be interested in someone. You may call it “creeping”, but it’s merely… researching. I, a) make sure they’re single, b) my kind of guy and c) not a total douche. I’m more proud of my meticulous “researching” than ashamed. I’m damn good, too.

Well, not pro-status yet (hence “moving on”). I met Craig Gentry last year and we had a moment; a long one. Make that what you want… So, I did what I do best and you know, felt him out online. Nowhere on Google was there a mention of Craig being “wifed up”. I will say that a mutual acquaintance told me he was married but I stuck with my searchable instincts and kept dreaming.

I had a weird notion recently that I should do what I do best again… and sure freaking enough, he’s MARRIED now. He wasn’t married during our moment for sure, though. And, that’s not all. Her name is JORDAN. There is a Jordan Gentry out there and it isn’t me. Total #WTF moment.

It’s clearly time for me to move on. I haven’t decided who I’ll move on to, but I guess I’ll start by taking his picture off of my phone’s background. (Died.)

Alright, take any or all of this post sarcastically, if you please. 😉


Girl with too high of standards that is going to be single fo’ life

AKA Jordan NIX


Sayonara 2011, Bring it on 2012!

Looking at 2011 in hindsight, it was a good year! Dallas Mavericks won their first ever championship, Texas Rangers got pretty damn close to winning the World Series, something is happening with the Dallas Stars, Charlie Sheen entertained most of us with his tigerblood and winning rants, planking gave people the excuse to lay horizontally on random things in random places, Occupy Dallas gave homeless people a place to live for a short amount of time, and Kim Kardashian taught us you can make a fortune on getting married AND divorced!

My year tops off all of that! I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions, but a little over a year ago I decided I was going to be completely selfish for the year. Some people need a week or even six months to be selfish; I needed the whole year. I wanted to focus solely on being a mom, my career goals, my finances, and doing what I wanted when I wanted to! It felt and still feels damn good, so I wanted to share some of my 2011 personal highlights with you!


My main squeeze turned 3.


Dallas sees snow, the pretty kind!



I experienced my first Spring Break trip with my best friends in Panama City Beach. Talk about an experience…




Country concerts are my life; I didn’t go to enough this year. This is Josh Abbott Band, Chad McBride and the Drifters (from my hometown. Shout out!), and Randy Rogers band. If you like country, you need to download some tracks from these bands. Well worth your dollar or two.



First trip to Austin with best friends leads to an unforgettable night on the famous 6th street. Austin is probably my new favorite city besides Dallas!



Sea World and Riverwalk in San Antonio.




I couldn’t resist putting a few pics of our nights out in Uptown Dallas. Our favorite Uptown spots include: Sfuzzi’s, Renfeild’s, Den Bar, Trophy room, Nick and Sam’s, Prime Bar, McKinney Avenue Tavern, and Coal Vines.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of my career achievements; I had a very successful year all because I pushed myself and worked my butt off!

I hope you make the best of your 2012. Set goals for yourself, be you and be spontaneous, love who you love, speak up, have faith in the plan God has for you, and live YOUR life.