The Basics of Phone Etiquette

Yes, I said it. Etiquette. That word makes me cringe just like the word class. I can’t live without my phone and I am pretty sure you can’t either. We are all on our phones so much more since we first starting hearing the different principles of phone etiquette. With today’s technology, we don’t only use our phones to contact people, we use them for our personal email, work email, social media, scheduling, and even as an alarm clock! Let’s take a step back from it all and get back to the basics…

You’re talking to someone on the phone:
*Finish your conversation before walking into a place of business.
*Ask the person you are talking to if you can call them back or ask them to hold on while you are checking out at a store. The cashier is giving you their time, you should give them your time.

You receive a text or someone is calling you:
*If you are talking to someone in person and you receive a text it is NEVER okay to check your text and/or text back in the midst of a conversation. Sadly, this happens to me on a daily basis! Maybe I just talk too much.
*It is, however, acceptable to acknowledge the text by silencing the ring tone and responding when your current conversation is over.

Checking your social media feed:
*If you are waiting in line for something I would say it is perfectly fine to scroll through your Facebook/Twitter timeline, but try to avoid checking your feeds while waiting in line at a traffic light.
*Going out to eat with friends or family should be a time to catch up, socialize, eat, and have a few drinks. This shouldn’t be a time that you are glued to your phone to check Twitter so you can see the latest news on the Kardashians.

Texting a person of interest:
*I am a little old school when it comes to this… It is very rare that I will initiate a texting conversation unless it is to congratulate them or follow up with them on plans and such. If a guy is interested, he’ll make it a point to talk to you!
*Side Note: If they call you a name they would call one of their buddies, they just want to be friends. Let’s be honest!

Again, this is just the basics and quite frankly just my personal opinions!