Birthday, Birthweek, Birthmonth…

Everyone knows that girls’ birthdays typically last about a month. I settled for the week, I promise! I guess since I am just now blogging about it, we’ll consider it the month…

My birthday celebrations started the weekend prior in Uptown for two hometown friends’ birthday celebration. (They celebrate their birthdays together every year, and I crash theirs and celebrate mine with them every year. It’s a tradition.) Being with friends from your home town means going places you went when you were 21. Trophy Room (yup, the bar with the mechanical bull) and The MAT. If you kick ass as much as I do at karaoke, you’ll love The MAT.


We are twins. We were born on the same day.

The week proceeded with an amaze-fest family cook out, local boutique shopping at Flirt, Milk & Honey and Brown Eyed Girl, lots of wine and dinner on the roof top patio of Terilli’s, my favorite red velvet cake from Bread Winners and Kona Grill and an always unforgettable night out on the town with my friends.

My actual birthday celebration started at Uptown’s newest Mexi restaurant and bar, Pozo Mercado, for dinner and drinks. The food was great, drinks were delish and the place had a cool vibe. Pozo is owned by the same people that own Sfuzzi and Standard Pour, both some of my fav Uptown spots. The night took us to Sfuzzi, Sunset Lounge and embarrassingly enough… LeVu. I’m not a clubber, so thank God we got there close to closing time.

I anticipate my next birthday being a little more low key, but still a week long. 🙂




The Name Game: Part 2

After a few days of casual texting, I am happy to say I finally got Trophy Room Guy’s name. It wasn’t an easy task though… I called just about all of my girlfriends asking what I should do and most of them just laughed at me!

(By the way, if you haven’t read the Name Game: Part 1, I would recommend reading that first.)

Plan A- Just ask him his name! At this point in the game I thought I would look like a complete idiot asking him his name.

Plan B- Not necessarily prank calling him, but having someone call and act like it is the wrong number. I thought for sure this would work, so I had my coworker (of Hispanic descent) call assuming he would answer. I foresaw the conversation going a little something like this…
TRG, “Hello?”
Coworker, “Hey, is this Jose?”
TRG, “I think you have the wrong number.”
Coworker, “Oh, who is this?”
TRG would then give his name.
Well, it didn’t quite work that way. He didn’t answer and his voicemail did not give his name.

Plan C- As much as I hate to give him the first opportunity to check out my Facebook, I thought I could tell him my last name and he could friend request me. I nonchalantly slipped my last name into our conversation… I got nothin’!

So, back to Plan A it is! I pulled the, “So, how do you spell your first name?” Of course with my luck it is a four letter name. Oh well. It all worked out and we were both able to Facebook “creep” each other before meeting.

Now I am downing a sugar free Red Bull to get ready for tonight. Wish me luck!



The Name Game

Trophy Room Guy, Kirk from Austin, New York boy at Cowboys, Football Coach Troy, Roommate, and Old Guy Don’t Answer are just a few of the phone contacts that I have recently acquired while out in Uptown Dallas. How and why do I have someone saved in my phone as ‘Old Guy Don’t Answer’ is a pure accident. I like to save numbers under names that will help me remember who it is if they ever call or text me. I mean, would you really remember who Troy Smith* is? However, this has recently put me in a slight predicament.

I met someone this weekend at our normal Saturday night spot, Trophy Room, in Uptown. We chatted it up, his friends met my friends, everyone hit it off well, he bought us a round of drinks, and we exchanged numbers. I know at some point in our conversation he told me his name, but I totally blanked when I was trying to save it to my phone so ‘Trophy Room Guy’ it is! I didn’t think it would be a problem until I get a text the next day, “Hey Jordan from Trophy Room.” Crap! Even better, we are supposed to meet for dinner sometime this week!

This should get interesting…