Confession Friday: Not Trending

Let’s talk about trends…

I hate them.

Have you ever walked into a party and everyone there was wearing the same beautiful, yet the same statement jewelry? Have you ever gone to a Christmas party and your great aunt was wearing the same riding boots as you? They may have been a different brand and price point as your beloved shoes, but to everyone else, they were the same. Have you ever gone out for a Saturday night on the town to find at least 5 people in every bar you go to had the same wardrobe vision you had while you were getting ready? I thought a Kimono paired with a tank, cut off shorts and lace up boots for a Saturday night in Uptown Dallas would surely be original. Nope. And it’s even worse when the people you are twinsies with aren’t necessarily the cutest people in the bar.

Yeah… trends are annoying. And maybe I dislike them so much because I really enjoy rotating my clothes. I don’t like for my purchases to become “so last month” in a matter of a… month. But I still really love the Kimono and if you’re in Dallas looking for one, go to Milk & Honey or Flirt Boutique in Uptown.

Photo Courtesy of: Milk & Honey Boutique, Uptown Dallas

Photo Courtesy of: Milk & Honey Boutique, Uptown Dallas

Bonus Friday Confession: I am really bad about taking care of myself. I stress myself out so much about following through with my main duty of keeping my son healthy that my health gets thrown to the wayside. So, I encourage you to go get a check up, take your vitamins and when you feel “off”, you probably are. Now that I’m finally getting myself back on track (literally… don’t ask), blogs might become more frequent. Such a slacker I’ve been…


Untrendy Jo


My Secrets to Online Dating, + More

photo (6) If you approached me 2 years ago (which everyone did) about online dating, I was totally against it. I thought “I’m in my twenties and trying really hard not to be desperate!” Now today, Bravo has a new hit TV show (Online Dating Rituals of the American Male), you probably know at least 3 happy couples that met online and 1 out of 4 of your friends have downloaded a dating app. Well… they say they only downloaded it. They’re lying; they’ve done more! The point is- It is time to embrace online dating! I went on my first date with an online-r last night, and it wasn’t terrible… at all! Whoop!

Now, before I go any further, let me start by saying… I am not a pro-online dater. But I am damn good at judging an online-r by its online cover. And because I am advocating online dating, I am also sharing my online dating secrets, plus more…

Your Picture. The first thing people see is not your name, let’s be honest. Finding your best picture shouldn’t be hard, but people still seem to screw it up.

  • Selfies = bad. If you have a profile full of selfies, people are going to think you don’t have any friends or you’re a douche if you’re a guy.
  • You can take a Nelfie, meaning a picture people can’t tell is a selfie.
  • Don’t hide behind a cropped picture. Post a full body pic. No, you don’t need (and don’t recommend) you have a perfect figure in order to do this. People (including you) just don’t want to be catfished or blindsided if things go beyond the internet.

Your Personality. This is like prime time to be your true self. If someone doesn’t appreciate it, who cares.

  • If you’re outdoorsy, sport that.
  • If you’re a girl’s girl, flaunt that.
  • If you’re artsy, show that.
  • If you’re desperate, hide that. Gotcha!

You can do this in your pictures, your About Me section and when you’re messaging each other. I mean, after all… you have time to think before you send each message and if they don’t get your humor, no loss for either of you.

Your Profile. Before you starting Xing, <3ing and matching, check your profile to make sure it is up to date. These dating sites are usually connected to your Facebook account, so you don’t want your secret obsession with Celine Dion advertised publicly on your profile. (Guilty)

Your Pre-judgement. Don’t jump the gun, whether it’s exchanging numbers, friending each other on Facebook or actually meeting.

Now for my top secret secret- 

There’s a really cool new dating app coming to Dallas and my readers are invited to their open bar, I mean launch party, next Thursday at Social House Uptown.

Get your tickets here: Access code: 2713

I’ll see you there!



Fun Fact Friday

Kiss me, I’m Black Irish.

Black Irish: Basically when the Spanish Armada shipped wrecked along the Irish shores and reproduced… making Irish babies with dark hair, eyes and skin. 

I am often asked what my ethnicity is and instead of being a total bore and saying I’m a white girl, I either go with Black Irish or Brazilian.

Okay, one of those may be slightly exaggerated, but when meeting people for the first time (only when I’m at bars, I promise), why not impress them with my lovely Spanglish speaking skills? It usually gets me a free valet, a phone number I didn’t ask for or a Sol Brothers beer- that, I’ll take!

Today it was brought up that I have a higher tolerance for certain drinks (**cough-anything-with-alcohol-cough*) than most people and that I think I get that “skill” from my family. My coworker immediately asked if I was Irish and I was finally able to use my Black Irish card on a day other than St. Patty’s Day! Cheers to that!

Ironically, I met a fellow Black Irish descendant recently and when I freaked out about him being, in fact, Black Irish, he immediately started giving me the run down on the background of the ethnicity because no one ever knows what it is.

Now, you do.

You’re welcome,


PS- Obama claims he’s Irish; I beg to differ. However, these people are..

Ashton Kutcher - Black Irish

Colin Farrell - Black Irish

Black irish

Zoey Deschanel - Black Irish

Settling Down

Samantha JonesAs I sat on the patio of my favorite Sunday brunch spot, slightly hung over from the night before, and strangely the only person at the table proudly still drinking, it hit me.


What all can change in a year… Last year was an eventful year; so eventful that I couldn’t even blog about half of it. [I’ll post a few pictures instead] Mine and my best friends’ social life was on fire and we weren’t settling down for anything or anyone. We went out almost every Thursday for “ladies night”, had people over every Friday and went out to Uptown every Saturday. It was exhausting but the time of our lives.

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Fast forward a little over a year… different story.  My girlfriends are either almost engaged, engaged and/or have a new baby and I couldn’t be happier for them. As I was catching up with these two very sober, but still best friends, I realized I was kind of relieved at how things have settled down. Now, you’re probably thinking… “But Jordan, you haven’t settled down.” Touche. I’ve settled down with myself, though.

Five years ago, I gave myself about 5 major life goals to achieve before I let myself settle down with someone. Goals like finding my career path, figuring out the mom thing, finding myself, some personal goals and those have all been proudly achieved. When you finally settle down with yourself, life becomes so much easier. You are confident, you know what you want and you don’t waste time. You are 100% yourself (if you’re like me, sarcastic and borderline sassy) around people you meet. And when someone doesn’t get your humor, you confidently laugh at them. 🙂 You just don’t let the small things bother you and it feels great.

With that being said, if you are at the age where you feel like your girlfriends are dropping like flies and you’re the only single girl left, don’t have a panic attack. Just bring out your inner Samantha Jones and start settling down with yourself. Everything else will fall into place after. Promise.






Birthday, Birthweek, Birthmonth…

Everyone knows that girls’ birthdays typically last about a month. I settled for the week, I promise! I guess since I am just now blogging about it, we’ll consider it the month…

My birthday celebrations started the weekend prior in Uptown for two hometown friends’ birthday celebration. (They celebrate their birthdays together every year, and I crash theirs and celebrate mine with them every year. It’s a tradition.) Being with friends from your home town means going places you went when you were 21. Trophy Room (yup, the bar with the mechanical bull) and The MAT. If you kick ass as much as I do at karaoke, you’ll love The MAT.


We are twins. We were born on the same day.

The week proceeded with an amaze-fest family cook out, local boutique shopping at Flirt, Milk & Honey and Brown Eyed Girl, lots of wine and dinner on the roof top patio of Terilli’s, my favorite red velvet cake from Bread Winners and Kona Grill and an always unforgettable night out on the town with my friends.

My actual birthday celebration started at Uptown’s newest Mexi restaurant and bar, Pozo Mercado, for dinner and drinks. The food was great, drinks were delish and the place had a cool vibe. Pozo is owned by the same people that own Sfuzzi and Standard Pour, both some of my fav Uptown spots. The night took us to Sfuzzi, Sunset Lounge and embarrassingly enough… LeVu. I’m not a clubber, so thank God we got there close to closing time.

I anticipate my next birthday being a little more low key, but still a week long. 🙂